Internet & Privacy Law

Internet law, or cyberlaw, is one of the fastest growing areas of law today. Hub City Law Group is here to help you with your legal needs for all things Internet. Let us walk you through the process step by step, and get you the results you want.

Protecting Copyrighted & Trademarked Material

There are two avenues to protect copyrighted and trademarked material: providing licenses for users to legally use the materials, and taking action against those who infringe.

In the world of intellectual property law the old cliché “you snooze, you lose” is ever so applicable. Failing to take action—or even delaying action—against infringers can result in permanent loss of your intellectual property rights.

But taking action isn’t difficult. Taking action against infringers usually starts with a well-crafted letter to the copyright or trademark violator. We have experience creating effective DMCA take-down notices, and cease-and-desist letters that promise swift and specific legal action against those who don’t stop what they’re doing.

And if you or your business is on the receiving end of a DMCA take-down notice or cease-and-desist letter, we have the experience to give you the sound advice you need to mitigate risk, and minimize the potential consequences. We can help you make an informed decision about whether it makes more sense to fold your hand, or stand your ground.

Online User Contracts & Agreements

Contracts are the cornerstone of business, and this is true online, too. Companies doing business online must protect themselves with contracts drafted and reviewed by an attorney to reduce liability and protect their interests. The most common kinds are Service Provider Agreements, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies. We can draft these documents for you or review the ones you have, to make sure they’re as effective as they should be.

Cybersquatting & UDRP

“Cybersquatting” is the term given to a third-party registration of a domain name with the same or similar name as an existing business with the intention of profiting from it by offering to sell the domain names to the bona fide business owner at a grossly inflated price.

When this happens, the business with the existing trademark can take action. Oftentimes, the best way is through the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), a process of arbitration that avoids litigation. For this to be successful, the domain name must be identical or very similar to the trademark name, the holder of the domain must not have any legitimate interest in the name, and the holder must be shown to be using it in “bad faith.” If UDRP dispute resolution does not work, litigation is usually an option as well.

Social Media Law

As social media grows bigger, legal matters relating to social media increase. “Social media law” is a broad term that includes matters of libel, defamation, cyber-bullying, and similar damage to your reputation, which occurs via one of the many social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, FourSquare, etc.).

The attorneys at Hub City Law Group are committed to protecting your rights and your privacy, both online and off. If you, your business, or your child is being harassed online, or you believe that you may be victim of invasion of privacy, please get in touch today. We can help you. This is what we do.